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        Guangzhou China industry co., LTD is a professional committed to a variety of self-adhesive label tags、Bar code label、Manufacturer of garment tags,Products are widely used in all walks of life。For the overwhelming majority of customers with high quality for many years、Specialization、Quick and comprehensive label printing solutions。 

        Guangzhou China industry co., LTD. Is a self-adhesive printing brand tags,Our factory have more advanced stickers trademark printing equipment and experienced professional and technical personnel。According to the customer's need to produce all kinds of material、Specifications of the label。Since2000Years since its establishment,With superior quality、Good prestige、Perfect service to win customers,And with several well-known enterprises to establish a long-term good relations of cooperation。 

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Self-adhesive printing points should be paid attention to
In today's market,Whatever you do anything,You need to pay attention to。Only seriously,Carefully,Who love to think that will make a career。 Should note of self-adhesive printing...
Sticking to the advertising is on the wall stickers?Where do you print
1、Beautifully printed、Advertising is adhesive paper is brighter。The advantage of adhesive is easy to use、Paste is flat and level。A lot of FMCG perennial printing promotional stickers...
Sticker paper material properties
The non-drying label because of easy to use and are widely used in the social from all walks of life。From the look of the non-drying label market in China in recent years,The non-drying label consumption in quickly...