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Henan province quality technology co., LTD Formerly“Luohe city new drug packaging materials co., LTD”,Was established1998Years,Located in the hinterland of the central plains of henan luohe city dongcheng industrial concentration area,Shahe、Li river converge here、Beautiful scenery、Good environment、The transportation is convenient,Beijing-guangzhou railway、Shi Wugao iron、G4National highway(Beijing Hong Kong and Macao high-speed)、South los high speed、107National road and other key national road through on this,The company is a professional manufacturer of medicine packaging materials co., LTD,To go throughISO9001International quality system certification,Is a member of China pharmaceutical packaging association。Products at home and abroad“Quality trustworthy unit”The title,And has the self-management import and export right。Has strong ability to innovate and grasp the business opportunities the team of wisdom,With entrepreneurial passion and new concept in this rapidly changing,The new global economy,And has broad market prospects… For details

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[2014-07-07] Our company all staff to fire drill

In order to make the company all staff understand the basic knowledge of fire,Improve the safety awareness,Strengthen self-protection ability,Grasp the strain of emergency fire、Survival skills,Learn to put out the fire and orderly manner、Financial..

[2014-03-11] Tracking report:Pharmaceutical packaging“Disfigured” The two pharmacies..

7Month23Day,This newspaper《Why drug packaging“Disfigured”》Title,Reported a drugstore sells drug batch number、Production date code by man-made destroy things。Yesterday,Reporters learned that,Municipal food and drug..

[2014-03-11] Tong qu pharmaceutical packaging Reduce a child's fear

Take medicine to a sick child parents always make a headache。How can I reduce the child's sense of a little bit and make the medicine more cheerful?The image of the pharmaceutical packaging the pig,The drug made a pig's ear、Pig's feet、The appearance of a pig nose。At the same time,Each is small..

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