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Fuping DE feng industry and trade co., LTD
Fuping DE feng industry and trade co., LTD

Products strictly the quality pass The percent of pass is high

Reliable product quality

We are on the productStrictly the quality pass,Good reputation。Raw materials into the factory before the test,Each batch preparation finished goods inspection before canned、The packing in the production processThe quality inspection、Library、Inspection before shipmentEnsure that the product such as programFactory qualified rate is high

The new management idea To implement5SManagement

New management concepts

Under the new management concept,Started second startup new mileage:Fully implementing5SManagement,To establish and perfect the education system、Hardware management system、Software management system, etc,Adhere to all categories、All-round、Full-time system management,To furtherStandardization、Systematic、More scientificDevelopment。

Many customers Win-win cooperation

Product sales well

We follow“Cooperation、Harmony、Development、A win-win situation”The principle of,With the supplier established a profound friendship and good relations of cooperation

ExcellentQuality、GoodCredibility、The high qualityServiceAnd reasonableThe priceReceives the general customers the high praise

Fuping DE feng industry and trade co., LTD
Fuping DE feng industry and trade co., LTD
  Fuping abundant industry and trade co., LTD. Is the production of his possessions、Wholesale,Retail building decoration materials calcium hydroxide、Calcium oxide、Ash calcium powder sales of building materials company。The amount of investment3000Ten thousand yuan,Daily output200Tons,Set of calcium hydroxide production line introduced The new production technology,Using environment-friendly calcium hydroxide production line equipment。Since set up in line with“Equality and mutual benefit、Mutual development”The principle of,The good faith management,Won the general customers the favor and love,Use of e-commerce on the business、The development of trade platform,Tracking service on after-sales service,The products strictly the quality pass,Good reputation。We firmly believe that,The right product for the good reputation from the users…… 【To check the details】
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The construction problems of putty powder,You met?

  Putty powder is is indispensable in the construction of building materials,Construction putty powder is also very not easy,Is the need to certain technical content。Ben……

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